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Important Bankruptcy Information

At Supple Law Office, we do everything possible to give you peace of mind during this difficult time. Therefore, we have created a handy resource to determine if you are in need of bankruptcy assistance.

The Root of the Problem

Supple Law Office believes that the majority of people who are going through bankruptcy want to pay their bills, but are caught up in circumstances beyond their control. If you are borrowing money to pay your monthly bills or are transferring credit card balances to avoid payment, you may be a candidate for bankruptcy protection. Generally, individuals file for bankruptcy relief for the following reasons:

Divorce: This is one of the more common triggers of bankruptcy. People who were living together with one income now have two households to run, and expenses can pile up.
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Medical Problems: If you are injured and unable to work, it is difficult to get the money you need to pay bills. At Supple Law Office, we find the cause of the problem. If there is someone else at fault, we do everything possible to help you recover just compensation.

Unemployment: It is a common occurrence for someone to lose their job unexpectedly. There is not enough time to save your money, and it becomes difficult to make ends meet.

Credit: Most people are overwhelmed with unsolicited, tempting offers of credit. They frequently find themselves hopelessly immersed in debt with no apparent relief in sight.

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